YULUKIA 100038 Height Adjustable Ergonomic Seat Stand Desk Top, X-Frame

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  • Height adjustable with gas spring. The infinitely variable adjustment mechanism allows a simple and seamless transition from sitting to standing. Height adjustable is between 6 and 40 cm. You can adjust the height according to your wishes.

    Ergonomic design for better posture. Ergonomic height-adjustable design encourages a healthy posture and reduces the risk of back and shoulder pain during prolonged sitting.

    Spacious working area.The desk top offers a working surface of 730mm to 470mm. It also has a maximum static load capacity of 30 kg. The recommended carrying capacity during operation is max. 5 kg

    Material – The frame is made of high quality steel with an X frame structure. The table top is made of sturdy and durable plastic with PVC coated surface, which is easy to clean.

    Installation not required

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